Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Soci Video Jukebox Software - 10x More Traffic With the Same Amount of Work

 soci video jukebox software
The Soci Video Jukebox Software is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create social media queues that schedule themselves smartly to post over and over again on your Facebook or Twitter whenever you like on total autopilot. It gives your audience a mix of unique or curated articles, videos, images, cinemagraphs, and more that add value without having to press a button.

Unlike expensive tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, you no longer need to keep logging in rescheduling your posts over and over individually. Just insert a blog post, video, image once into a jukebox you create within the software and the software will post it over and over again according to a schedule you set forever on autopilot.

Soci Video Jukebox Software works in three easy and simple steps. You create a new Jukebox or category for each type of content you want the app to post on autopilot. You can create a Jukebox for your blog posts, Gifs, cinemographs, images, memes, quotes or videos and more.

You then fill your Jukeboxes with a content playlist just like you would choose a music playlist from real Jukebox. You can load up your own content or let Soci Video Jukebox Software automatically fill your Jukeboxes with popular trending or viral content from around the Internet.

Finally, you choose when and how often each Jukebox should post on Facebook and Twitter and Soci Video Jukebox Software will shuffle and randomize your content and post to Facebook and Twitter for you on total autopilot.

With Soci Video Jukebox Software, you have endless content that your audience can’t ignore. All you have to do is just schedule your content one time, then sit back and let Soci Video JukeBox post to your Facebook and Twitter feeds for you forever on complete autopilot. No more logging in manually and scheduling posts by hand. Now you can create a perpetual posting schedule that is truly hands-free.

With SociVideo Jukebox, you don’t have to slave over Facebook and Twitter anymore and you don’t have to burn endless bags of cash on ads. Just sit back, relax and let it automatically post content for you, exactly when you tell it to.

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