Saturday, March 21, 2020

Viddyoze Commercial - Most Powerful Cloud-Based Automated Animation Maker
Viddyoze Commercial is the worlds #1 cloud based automated animation maker that will enable you create exquisite studio-quality animations in 3 clicks. Now you can create your own studio-quality intros, social actions, transitions, outros and more in just a few clicks without any previous design experience, without waiting weeks on your contractor and without wasting money on the same marketplace designs that everyone else is using.

Viddyoze Commercial is simple, fast, and creates beautiful animations. Other software makes you trudge through fifty-eight different options and read a user-manual the size of war and peace. With Viddyoze, you’ll have your first animation ready in minutes. Here are reasons why you need this software.

You can create pro-quality intros, outros, logo stings, social actions, transitions CTAs, YouTube end-cards and other miscellaneous animations with ease. You choose from our professional selection of top quality templates each designed, tested and approved by a dedicate team of professional animators, marketers and designers. You can create your animations from anywhere you like – in the cafĂ©, on the beach, anywhere you can get on the net.

Viddyoze Commercial is cloud based so there’s no need to wait around for your video software to render your animations. Just choose your animation from a large library of studio-quality designs and you’ll get an email when they’re ready. Every animation has the option to choose a preset colour scheme. There’s no need to think about colour combos, or complex edits. Just click to the colours that match your brand and Viddyoze does the rest.

The Viddyoze Commercial Software servers render your animations ready for download in mp4 format, so they’re 100% compatible with all video editors or platforms on the web. It delivers more pure power to your video marketing than any other animation platform.

It is the only fully-automated video animation maker for marketers and businesses. Now you can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary contractor or software fees.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Viddyoze 3.0 Software - The World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software

get viddyoze 3.0Viddyoze 3.0 Software is the latest and newest version of the world’s most revolutionary platform Viddyoze. Now you can create a professional grade 3D animations in just a few clicks without any previous design experience, without waiting weeks on your contractor and without wasting money on the same marketplace designs that everyone else is using.

Click Here For Viddyoze 3.0

Since September 2015 when Viddyoze was first lunched, it has continued to innovate and challenge the expectations of 3D Video Animation, becoming one of the leading platforms in automated animation online and Viddyoze 3.0 is no difference to this. Not convinced?

Well, Viddyoze now has 80,000 customers that have rendered over 1 million videos since inception. Not only that, but the team has hand crafted over 1000 unique animation templates for their customers and this library continues to grow every single day.

With Viddyoze 3.0 Software there is no need for expensive, complex software or freelancers. It allows you to create stunning animations from absolutely anywhere in just a few minutes. You have access to over 170 templates including logo stingers, transitions, outros, live action animations and more.

It has survive the test of time, now with thousands of daily users, hundreds of positive reviews online and a platform that is truly here to stay. Weekly updates and constant improvements are the norm here at Viddyoze. So if you are ready to..

Get access to 170+ brand new, never before seen world class templates. 
Stay on the cutting edge of video animations.
Leave your competition behind forever, then don’t wait to get it today.

For sure you don’t want to miss this one. If you’re truly wanting to stay ahead of your competition and never worry about video production again, then get Viddyoze 3.0 Software today.

Because you and I know that video is here to stay, and staying on the cutting edge may mean the difference between a good business and one that is at the forefront of your customer’s minds 24/7, leading to explosive growth and freedom.

The Viddyoze 3.0 is very easy to use and it is the only fully-automated video animation maker developed for marketers and businesses. Now you can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary contractor or software fees.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

MyPostBuilder Software - Curate, Build and Publish Content to Multiple Sites

mypostbuilder software
MyPostBuilder Software is a revolutionary tool that enables you curate content from top viral sites, news sites, images and videos using a first ever smart content selection technology in curators that produces quality and SEO rich content.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, real estate broker, dog trainer, health specialist, shop owner, consultant, or online marketer, everyone, including you, needs traffic to their site.

Now you can do this with the most powerful post builder available on the market. Posts that stand out, maximize clicks, engage, convert and go viral without any coding experience required.

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You can now grow your business and your income faster than ever before. Dominate your niche and crush your competition, all thanks to MyPostBuilder. This is the post building platform you’ve been waiting for to succeed in your online business today.

It’s no secret that Google loves content. And as a factor for SEO, nothing beats regularly publishing fresh, hot, relevant content.

Not only will the Google-bots love your site, but searchers will also more readily view your blog as an authority hub, a resource for answering their most pressing questions and solving their problems.

With this software, you can:

Build posts from top viral, news, images and videos sites using the first ever smart content selection technology for quality and viral content.

400% better ranking chance on search engines (SEO).
Become an influencer and double your sales with content that warms up your prospects.
Get 4X more leads posting multiple times per week.
Get 5X more traffic by posting daily.
Add Amazon affiliate products with just a few clicks.
Integrate Facebook for easy posting to your social media.
And build numerous posts with copy/paste simplicity.

At this very minute, millions of people are scrolling the web, to be entertained and check out the latest viral content to share on social media. Truth is that people are no longer looking for premium content, but content that pulls their attention in this crowded online world.

So how are you and I able to use the power of internet most effectively? By using content that has been made by professionals who know what people are looking for on the web. But, I hear you say “building content takes far too much time, and I have a business to run!” 

I get it. But with MyPostBuilder Software technology, you can now create viral content in just minutes. Just imagine getting a flood of traffic to your website from every post you publish. And it becomes super easy when you use this software. Do you get the value this can bring to your business? 

It will make you an influence and earn you great commissions. It will change the way you create your posts forever. It also has everything you need to write viral posts in 10X the time. Not only that.

It has the ability to share your post to 5 top social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.
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Thursday, June 7, 2018

LeadPrimo Software - Powerful All-in-One Email Marketing Software for Stellar Results

leadprimo software
LeadPrimo Software is an all-in-one email marketing software that makes everything simple and easy. You can enjoy maximum delivery, capture and import unlimited lists and make use of all other features that our IM space needs as it creates high converting lead pages, boost leads, commissions, webinar registrations and ultimately get more profits on complete autopilot.

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It is completely newbie friendly and enables you to get thousands of Leads, send unlimited emails, as well as follow-up with all the leads automatically and manage them without any complex issues. You can also see the complete real-time activity of subscribers, and find out which particular campaigns are giving best results.

Now you the untapped power to turn leads into buyers to get best results from the email marketing activities. With LeadPrimo, it is a simple and easy 3 step method that goes like this-

Step 1: Collect and Upload:

To begin with, all you need to do is collect unlimited leads using our high converting lead pages and upload your subscriber’s list into this monster without any restrictions and setup a full high-converting campaign instantly.

Step 2: Send Mails:

Now, the software gets into active mode and sends unlimited mails to your subscribers completely hands free.

Step 3: Enjoy More Leads & Money:

That’s it. All hard work is don. Now just sit back and relax and watch profits grow leaps and bounds.

LeadPrimo Software as it is hands down the most powerful system that solves the biggest problem for businesses on customer acquisition and management. With practically no learning graph involved, anyone can start making profits by capturing leads and converting all leads into regular passive online income and get them engaged by emails.

There is no grunt work involved as this software is fully tried and tested and will earn you income boatloads from your email marketing campaigns with minimum time and money invested.

Mark my words, it’s the ultimate chance for you to automate your email marketing campaigns and get more mails delivered straight to the inbox and you make insane commissions.

And that’s not all. It come with an easy-to-understand training videos that will enable you to use it in a simple and convenient manner. For LeadPrimo Software and demo, click on the link in the description. Do kindly subscribe to my channel and many thanks for watching.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WP Freshstart 5.0 Plugin - Setup A GDPR Ready WordPress Site In Seconds.

wp-freshstart 5.0 plugin
WP Freshstart 5.0 Plugin is a powerful Wordpress automation software that does 30+ essential tasks in 1-Click while creating GDPR ready, Google friendly sites that makes you money. Aetting up a new wordpress site involves a lot of boring, time consuming tasks that take away 30 to 40 minutes each time you create a new site.

Click here For Access to WP Freshstart 5.0

Imagine setting up 5 sites or 10 sites taking away hours. That's why we created WP Freshstart 5.0. This plugin automates all the boring tasks and routine jobs for you and now the jobs that took 40mins can be done in under 2 minutes.

Did you know setting up just the basic stuff for a  Wordpress site can take anywhere between 20-30 minutes. And now you also need to make sure your sites are GDPR Compliant so you need to work extra hard for that too.

Whether it is creating legal pages for your site, setting up SEO & creating sitemaps for your site or installing themes and plugins that you want, all that can now be done in seconds using this plugin.

Doing all that grunt work of clearing default posts/pages/comments and doing all those settings, installing plugins and creating legal pages and everything else is just boring.

With WP Freshstart 5.0 Plugin, there is no more wasting time doing boring tasks over and over again, WP Freshstart 5.0 powers over 80,000 sites.Now you can make sure every site you create is GDPR Compliant. This plugin takes care of all the legal stuff for you..

-It does all the grunt work for you.
-Create GDPR Ready pages for your site.
-Add Must Have GDPR functions & forms to your site.
-Automatically let you make money from your site using affiliate links and amazon product offers too.
Click to Check It Out
-Automatically creates ALL of the pages that Google and other search
engines love to see (About Page, Contact Page, Legal Pages, etc).
-Automatically removes the sample WordPress posts, pages, and comments
so that you don’t have to bother removing them yourself.
-Automatically adjusts the permalinks setting to /post-name/
so that search engines find your site easier.
-Creates multiple categories that you want.
-Creates new blank POSTS and Pages that you need for your site.
-Installs MULTIPLE plugins at once, direct from the site (latest plugins) or zip file URLs.

All of that in just one click. You’ll be blown away at how simple and fast this is. The new plugin can now do 30 all in one click. For WP Freshstart 5.0 Plugin and bonus, click on the link in the description. Please kindly subscribe to my channel and thanks for watching.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Get Go by VideoRemix - Create Personalized Videos that Mesmerize and Closes Sales

get go by videoremix
Get Go by VideoRemix as it makes personalized video marketing easier than ever. It utilizes a simplified editor and robust DFY templates. You can quickly and easily create personalized campaigns to boost conversions, engagement, and sales. There are no complex timelines or messy merge tokens.

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This proprietary platform pulls in the viewers name, photo, and geo-IP address to create a unique viewing experience for each person, thus skyrocketing conversions and sales.

What if I tell you that when you Get GO by VideoRemix, your video marketing is 10x more effective than animated video, a sketch video, an explainer video, basically any other video marketing methods currently on the market. This is the technology that is used by the biggest brands on the planet to boost their video marketing results ten-fold.

You can now smash your competition with sophisticated personalized video that takes just 3 quick and easy steps to create. Personalized video has been proven to increase click-through rates by up to 985%. And when you get started today, you will be able to:

Create personalized videos for yourself.
Create personalized videos for clients.
Charge big bucks for them.
Faster and easier than ever.

Not only does personalized video work. Its proven. Your videos are going to look like magic. Every one of your prospects sees your video as if they are personally, exclusively for them. When your prospects see themselves on your videos, they’ll be begging you to take their money.

There is nothing else that exists like Go by VideoRemix. The nearest closest competitors cost thousands per month, so you are getting a genuine deal. And you know how much of a difference that makes to your sales. The quality of this software and its genuineness is going to blow you  away.

It is seriously user friendly. And can be used to achieve success by everybody in every niche which means that it has wide mass appeal to you no matter your niche.
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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Get GDPR Suite - A Point And Click Solution For GDPR

 get gdpr suite
Get GDPR Suite as it is an easy to use WordPress Plugin that guaranteed GDPR compliance. And you'll be protecting your subscribers from-

Right of Access: Your subscriber now has the right to request a copy of any of their information you have on file.

Right of Erasure: Built into our plugin, add the form and users can delete all their data while on your website.

Click Here to Get GDPR Suite

Breach Notification: Your users automatically gets data breach notification - By law you have 72 hours of first having become aware of the breach.

Cookies Consent: All cookies/pixels are automatically blocked until your website visitor give their consent.

Right of Rectification: Your subscriber can update their personal data at any time.

Right to Object: Simplified system where your subscriber can easy unsubscribe at any time.

Terms & Condition Pages: Auto-generate privacy, terms and condition page with built in auto redirect until condition is met.

We've got you and your subscribers WP websites covered going forward through this (GDPR) acts and our WP plugin translates those requirements to the language of WordPress security.

GDPR Suite is now compatible with major Wordpress plugins. And should you install or activate any compromised plugins or themes, the data of your clients is well protected.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in the news these days for good reason. This sweeping new law applies to all companies/ businesses/ website owners that collect and process data belonging to European Union (EU) citizens, even if this is done outside of the EU.

This also includes companies with operations in the EU and/or a web site or app that collects and processes EU citizen data.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it replaces an earlier data protection regulation for the EU. But don’t think you’ve dodged a bullet just because you don’t live in an EU member country. The GDPR doesn’t just apply to businesses based in the EU.

If anyone from the EU visits your website, you are required to be fully compliant with this brand new regulation.

If your website uses cookies or integrates with 3rd party websites that uses cookies, you must be GDPR compliant.

If you get leads from people in the EU or people from the EU share any kind of personal data with you, you absolutely must be GDPR compliant.

And failure to comply can result in massive fines that can shutdown your entire business. The good news is that this brand new plugin makes it compliance as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

Because the GDPR is enforceable to anyone that has a website accessible to people from the EU, if you’re in any kind of online business, you need GDPR Suite.

That means affiliate marketers, bloggers, CPA marketers, product owners, list-builders, ecom store and even online service providers must become GDPR compliant to avoid massive fines. Here is why you must Guy GDPR Suite today.

If you’re not ready and you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in getting compliant, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this plugin right now. To Get  GDPR Suite, click on the link in the decription. Please kindly subscribe to my channel and thanks for watching.

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