Saturday, March 21, 2020

Viddyoze Commercial - Most Powerful Cloud-Based Automated Animation Maker
Viddyoze Commercial is the worlds #1 cloud based automated animation maker that will enable you create exquisite studio-quality animations in 3 clicks. Now you can create your own studio-quality intros, social actions, transitions, outros and more in just a few clicks without any previous design experience, without waiting weeks on your contractor and without wasting money on the same marketplace designs that everyone else is using.

Viddyoze Commercial is simple, fast, and creates beautiful animations. Other software makes you trudge through fifty-eight different options and read a user-manual the size of war and peace. With Viddyoze, you’ll have your first animation ready in minutes. Here are reasons why you need this software.

You can create pro-quality intros, outros, logo stings, social actions, transitions CTAs, YouTube end-cards and other miscellaneous animations with ease. You choose from our professional selection of top quality templates each designed, tested and approved by a dedicate team of professional animators, marketers and designers. You can create your animations from anywhere you like – in the cafĂ©, on the beach, anywhere you can get on the net.

Viddyoze Commercial is cloud based so there’s no need to wait around for your video software to render your animations. Just choose your animation from a large library of studio-quality designs and you’ll get an email when they’re ready. Every animation has the option to choose a preset colour scheme. There’s no need to think about colour combos, or complex edits. Just click to the colours that match your brand and Viddyoze does the rest.

The Viddyoze Commercial Software servers render your animations ready for download in mp4 format, so they’re 100% compatible with all video editors or platforms on the web. It delivers more pure power to your video marketing than any other animation platform.

It is the only fully-automated video animation maker for marketers and businesses. Now you can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary contractor or software fees.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Viddyoze 3.0 Software - The World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software

get viddyoze 3.0Viddyoze 3.0 Software is the latest and newest version of the world’s most revolutionary platform Viddyoze. Now you can create a professional grade 3D animations in just a few clicks without any previous design experience, without waiting weeks on your contractor and without wasting money on the same marketplace designs that everyone else is using.

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Since September 2015 when Viddyoze was first lunched, it has continued to innovate and challenge the expectations of 3D Video Animation, becoming one of the leading platforms in automated animation online and Viddyoze 3.0 is no difference to this. Not convinced?

Well, Viddyoze now has 80,000 customers that have rendered over 1 million videos since inception. Not only that, but the team has hand crafted over 1000 unique animation templates for their customers and this library continues to grow every single day.

With Viddyoze 3.0 Software there is no need for expensive, complex software or freelancers. It allows you to create stunning animations from absolutely anywhere in just a few minutes. You have access to over 170 templates including logo stingers, transitions, outros, live action animations and more.

It has survive the test of time, now with thousands of daily users, hundreds of positive reviews online and a platform that is truly here to stay. Weekly updates and constant improvements are the norm here at Viddyoze. So if you are ready to..

Get access to 170+ brand new, never before seen world class templates. 
Stay on the cutting edge of video animations.
Leave your competition behind forever, then don’t wait to get it today.

For sure you don’t want to miss this one. If you’re truly wanting to stay ahead of your competition and never worry about video production again, then get Viddyoze 3.0 Software today.

Because you and I know that video is here to stay, and staying on the cutting edge may mean the difference between a good business and one that is at the forefront of your customer’s minds 24/7, leading to explosive growth and freedom.

The Viddyoze 3.0 is very easy to use and it is the only fully-automated video animation maker developed for marketers and businesses. Now you can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary contractor or software fees.
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Friday, May 18, 2018

WP GDPR Fix - Instantly Get GDPR Compliant With This Plugin

wp gdpr fix plugin
WP GDPR Fix is a revolutionary new plugin that will help you become compliant for GDPR really
rapidly. Yep, it takes care of the 7 key requirements of GDPR compliance.

Cookie consent and management.
Terms and Conditions policy.
Privacy Policy.
Right to be forgotten requirement.
Data access requirement.
Data breach notification requirement.
Data rectification system.

WP GDPR Fix gives you a powerful interface to take care of all these key requirements as soon as
you plug it in. So listen, if you don’t want to spend a pile of money on developers to get GDPR compliance on your website, this plugin is your biggest friend.

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Imagine how much more money you can make thanks to the enhanced trust and the traffic
that you will get from EU and even in your home-grown market just because you will be
considered more professional than all your competition.

With WP GDPR Fix on your blog you might have saved days or even weeks, and thousands of dollars in creating the same system manually. Here’s how it works..

Step #1 : Install the plugin on your site and activate it to instantly get access to all the 7
GDPR key compliance requirements. The plugin tells you exactly what you need to do to be compliant.

Step #2 : All you do now is turn on each compliance measure, implement your custom message if you want. You can tweak anything you wish. That’s it.

No other plugin or software covers GDPR the way WP GDPR Fix does, and absolutely nothing makes it as simple as it does. Your business is important. Don’t risk it by ignoring real problems.

Access WP GDPR Fix Here
EU’s GDPR laws are in effect now and you have only two choices. Be complaint, or turn away EU traffic. Of course, the compliance requirements could be scaring you right now, but they shouldn’t because WP GDPR Fix will make your journey very easy and simple.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

EZ Magic Video - A Revolutionary Video Spokesperson Software

EZ Magic Video
EZ Magic Video is the World’s first spokesperson software that allows you to customize what a real human spokesperson says in your video, line by line from the 1000's of pre-made clips in 90 seconds or less. The software has the potential to completely revolutionize how you create spokesperson videos, and for good reason.

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The way it works is ingenious. Over 2,000 video clips were recorded by 5 professional spokespeople, including Todd Gross himself. But here’s the “magic”: The software easily allows you to not only string together full videos by combining clips, but helps you to smooth out the “seams” between each clip, so that the result is exactly the same as if you hired a spokesperson yourself for hundreds of dollars.

When you EZ Magic Video, it will enable you to have your own professional spokespersons, practically on demand, so that you can build your own video scripts, line by line, by choosing from literally thousands of options, and create professional looking videos, in 90 seconds or less.

You can make as many videos as you want, and as long as you want, although most will run between 30 and 60 seconds, which is perfect for marketing for yourself or your clients. Commercial rights are included too.

As an example, you can have a video made coaxing folks to find out more about “Facebook Ads”, and to opt-into your list to learn more. The videos run across dozens of niches including local marketing for offline business as well. 

Now, you have the freedom to create practically any video that you want, using an actual live spokesperson, without having to hire a professional person to record it for you. You can create videos with real spokes-persons and change the content with ease. 

EZ Magic Video software is a brand new cloud based video creation system, that is going to change the way you create and sell customized videos. Discover the magic and clobber your competition by using real human spokesperson videos for your marketing right away. It is super easy to use with really fast rendering and it is truly a game changer for video production.
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Covert Commissions Software - Automated List Building and Affiliate Marketing System

covert commissions software
Covert Commissions Software is a done for you automated list building and affiliate marketing system that eliminates all the hard work and puts you on the fast track to success

If you want to make any significant amount of money online, you need to build a list. Everyone have been telling you this, because it’s a simple fact. What they’re probably not telling you, is that building a profitable list can be a very long journey riddled with failures, hard work and a lot of wasted time and money.

Click To Get Your Own Covert Commissions System

It requires a lot more than just putting up a lead capture page. You need to put together a funnel system with squeeze pages, an enticing freebie, thank-you and download pages and a high converting follow up series. And you need to put this together for every single product or niche you want to build a list for.

It takes a lot of time and unless you have the cash to pay someone to do it all, you also need technical skills to put all of this together, copy writing skills to make it all convert, money for hosting and to maintain it and finally time and patience to stick to the plan, even when it fails over and over again.

It’s no wonder that most aspiring list builders give up before they even get started. Which is a real shame since it doesn’t need to be this difficult as long as you follow the right system.... and that is where Covert Commissions Software comes in. An easy to follow system that would do it all for you and a system you can quickly replicate in order to monetize any niche.

You can instantly use Covert Commissions to start building your own profitable list and earn affiliate commissions on autopilot from day 1. Even better, you can do all of this without ever writing a single word yourself.

Instead of having to create all of the pages, make the download gifts, deliver them all and write all of the emails, create followup promotions and pay for hosting and extra accounts.

Everything is completely done for you. Simply add your affiliate ID's into your profile and you are done. I know this probably seems too good to be true. So let's take a few minutes and have a look at the system and everything you'll find inside your members area:

Here's Exactly What You Get Inside..

Build A Profitable List & Earn Commission In Any Niche:
A High Converting Squeeze Page With A “Bribe” That Sucks In Subscribers:
Fully Integrated Funnel That Generates Sales On Autopilot:
Professionally Written Follow Emails That Will Earn You Recurring Income For Years:
No Setup and Everything Hosted For You At No Extra Cost:

Get Covert Commissions as it is entirely cloud based and you’ll find everything you need inside the members area, so you can get started immediately. So, inside the member’s area you’ll find...

All the promotional tools you need already created and embedded with your information, so you can simply copy and paste.
A full step-by-step training system showing you exactly how to drive traffic using the tools we've given you.
You discover exactly how most successful members are sending traffic to their pages. 

Once you've got the hang of that, there some more experienced methods that you can use to really ramp up your success too, but you can take this at your own pace and best of all, earn as you learn.

The software will work for everyone. If you know how to open a laptop, then you have all the skills you need to succeed with system. Now it's your turn for affiliate and email marketing freedom. To select your free Covert Commissions Software system and bonuses, click on the link in the description. Please kindly subscriber to my channel and thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Get StoryXy - The Easiest Interactive 3D Video Creator Ever

get storyxy
Get StoryXy as it is a powerful, 3D interactive animation video creator that allows anyone, regardless of tech skills, build amazing eye catching, 3D videos in minutes. You can use these videos for anything and you can have them say anything. And with the text to speech technology and the lip sync technology, it’s so realistic, you’ll forget that it’s animated.

Click Here To Get StoryXy

By now, you know how powerful video is. YouTube gets over 3 Billion views a day and Facebook video gets almost 2 Billion a day as well. With that many viewers, there's almost an unlimited availabilty of traffic, regardless of what your niche or business is.

Video has become the strongest and easiest way to captivate, engage, and sell on the internet today. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in video compared to just 10% when reading text. Storyxy provides a total solution for your 3D animation needs.

Here are some of its features..

Easy to Use.

Built from the ground up, Storyxy was designed with you in mind. The easy to use, interface is intuitive and as simple as "point and click!" plus it's available for download for both Mac and PC.

Professional 3D Videos That Sell.

Quality is important. You shouldn't ever sacrifice quality for cost. With Storyxy you can build the highest quality interactive 3D videos in just minutes.

Works For Every Niche & Business.

Attention affiliate marketers, eCommerce owners, digital marketers, and small business owners, 3D videos are versatile and works for any business.

No Experience Needed.

No technical skills, no coding, or programming required. It was built to be as simple as possible. Point, click, and create.

Unlimited Videos.

With this software, you can design and create as many videos you want for your use and your online business. Dream it, build it.

Text To Speech.

You can load your own voice or you can use our text to speech that creates realistic voices for you. The software has in-built lip sync technology.

3D Characters.

Storyxy comes loaded with 10 characters that feature 70 facial expressions and animations for the ultimate realistic effect.

3D Backgrounds.

20 hand selected and custom designed, these 3D backgrounds are perfect for your next project. A variety that will suit most of your projects.

It creates real life animated interactive movies that you can use for anything. It's designed for total newbies to make Hollywood style 3D animated videos in just minutes. Literally anyone can create super­ engaging interactive 3D videos that will stand out over your Competition.
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WP Auto Content - Get Fresh Content On Autopilot To Your Blogs And Affiliate Sites

get wp auto content
Get WP Auto Content is a revolutionary auto-blogging Wordpress plugin that will find, publish and monetize fresh content on 100% autopilot and build unlimited auto blogs in just 60 seconds. It is an essential Wordpress plugin for anyone who has a Wordpress blog/site.

The truth is creating new Wordpress blogs and sites is easy. But turning them into real income sites and making profit from them is the hard part. Many people have been trying and failing because the big problem is getting fresh content.

Click To Get WP Auto Content

There is a huge amount of time and effort involved in creating sites with lots of content. The fact is, the more content you have, the more traffic you can get. Now hiring writers to create unique content for you from scratch is very expensive.

You’ll end up paying anywhere from 5 to 25 dollars per article. That’s 1000+ bucks in average costs if you want 100 articles on your site. So the question is, is there a faster, cheaper, more effective way to build profitable content sites?

A way you can get 100s and 1000s of fresh articles on your site automatica|ly posted, without lifting a finger.

A system that you can set and forget and it will keep doing its job, day in and day out building sites for you every minute.

Whether you want text articles, images or video content, this software would do everything you want.

Find content, publish it and SEO optimise it too on 100% autopilot.

It would automatically add affiliate links and Ads to your site to make you money.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if such a system existed? Well, it is now possible and its called WP Auto Content.

Once this plugin is installed on any wordpress site, you get the power to automatical|y fetch content from 24 different sources.

You can use Any RSS Feed, Wikipedia, Ezine Articles, Youtube Videos, Vimeo Videos, Dailymotion Videos, Latest News (from newsapi and webhose), Ebay products, Udemy Courses, Gearbest Prods, Facebook Posts from Groups, Facebook Posts from Pages, Twitter Tweets, Pinterest Pins, Tumblr Posts, Google+Posts and many more.

Now those are a lot of content sources to automatically get content and add to your blog. This software is 100% newbie friendly and it is super simple to use. All you need to do is..

Create a new campaign.
Select your content sources - you can pick from multiple sources.
Add monetization methods to make profits from your site - Add links and Ads to automatically earn commissions on complete autopilot.

Why WP Auto Content is the perfect auto-blogging solution for making income online.? It automatically fetch content from multiple sources in 1-Click.

Get fresh content that Google loves and ranks.
Create & setup multiple auto-posting campaigns for every site you have.
Publish Text Content, Videos, Images, News & Social Content

Get WP Auto Content as it is smart software. It automatically adds images, spins titles & even removes links from fetched content. Its a completely set & forget software and has an built-in automatic content spinner.

In short, when you Get Wp Auto Content, you can launch 100% autopilot content blogs and sites that earn passive income automatically for you. This plugin is very powerful and creating passive income automated blogs has never been this easy.

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