Sunday, April 30, 2017

Live Caster Software - Got An Old, Dumped Video, Cast It Live Now

Live Caster software
Live Caster Software is the world’s most powerful live casting software for Facebook and YouTube with features you’ve never seen before. It is ultra simple to use, it supports scheduling, one-click live mode. Can Cast pre-recorded videos as live to Facebook Personal feed, Pages & even Groups. It can also livecast to YouTube. Its the only Livecasting software that gets you the results you expect. Here's a list of its powerful features:

Works with Facebook groups, pages, personal feed and YouTube
This monster app allows you to livecast any pre-recorded videos as live events on YouTube and Facebook.
Schedule your videos for any time, and even schedule multiple videos to run at the same time.
No need to go through a complicated course to understand it. Everything is just accessible.
Live videos generate high buzz among audience and get your FaceBook pages organic traffic in droves.
No need of any third party software. Works independently.

Live Caster Software allows you to schedule as many videos as you want to be casted as live event. All you have to do is set it once, and have the App running, along with an internet connection. LiveCaster is robust enough to work round the clock, 24/7 to get you maximum engagement from your audience. People want to watch live-streamed videos and it's the best way to link up with trending keywords while providing desired content to your audience and boosting your ranks.

 Live Caster Software  is the one thing that unites both Facebook and YouTube, and gets you the prime attention, high exposure, top rankings and a heavy amount of traffic from both Facebook & YouTube. Videos are already the strongest content type on the Internet, ruling not only YouTube, but also Facebook, but when you add Live to it, you increase the power of videos 300%.
Live Caster work everywhere out of the box. No complicated setup required. Just run, connect and cast. If you are not getting enough traffic from Facebook and YouTube? Go live and change that today. Grab the top spot on Facebook news feeds and YouTube search results effortlessly.
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