Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Instamate 2.0 Software - Powerful InstaGram Software Every Marketer Shold Have
Instamate 2.0 Software is the worlds first and only all in one instagram web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage and monetize the most viral content on Instagram accounts instantly on complete autopilot. It lets you monetize the popularity of Instagram by making marketing your product almost completely automated. Instagram is quickly joining the ranks of Facebook & Twitter as one of the most profitable social media platforms for online marketing. Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the photo-sharing platform has exploded in terms of number of users and user engagement. 

Usually, you’d have to find or create suitable content, research popular and relevant hashtags, and then direct it at your audience to increase your followers and keep repeating this process every time. Finding the right content won’t be a hassle with Instamate 2.0. By simply entering your keyword, it can find the most popular profiles and hashtags in that niche in an instant. Scheduling posts won’t be an issue either, as you can post instantly or set up your own schedule to post content months in advance.

While Instamate 2.0 Software focuses on curating popular and viral content, you can also create, edit and upload your own content too. You can also check out what your competition are up to as well, so you can see what is (and isn't) working for them, and use that information to your advantage. And if you want, you can direct message your followers with any message you want all from the same platform.

By using Instamate 2.0 Software you can increase your Instagram followers and monetize viral content all in a few clicks. Here are my thoughts. There have been a number of high quality Instagram software that have come out over the last month but this one is totally different. This software has been updated to the new changes Facebook recently brought in for their API. This is an insane software that delivers unimaginable results.

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