Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gifzign Software - Create Stunning GIFs, Cinemagraphs And Mockups

Gifzign Software is the first animated gif and cinemograph creation combination software to hit the market. It creates smart GIFs and scroll stopping cinemagraphs with special effects such as filters, mirroring, simply, easily, quickly, without any technical skills or fancy software. No more jumping from tool to tool to create GIFs in one tool and Cinemagraph in another.

And if you miss out on using Gifs and cinemagraphs in your marketing, you will be missing out on very many clicks and engagement too. But you don't need to start searching for a GIF designer and spend huge money to get one created in weeks. Or spend on multiple tools or even learn the skil yourself. Gifzign Software is your go to app to create high quality, viral GIFs and Cinemagraphs. Here are what this all in one tool does:

GIF Creator: converts videos to GIFs.
GIF Editor: adds text, images and effects.
Cinemagraph: creates cutting edge cinemographs.
Recorder: easily record your screen to use in a gif.
Player: embed your GIFs in beautiful players.
Mockups: add stunning device mockups in your gifs.

With Gifzign Software, you will be able to turn any video on Youtube, Vimeo or your computer to a GIF in just a few seconds or record from your screen or camera. You can customize it with text, images, or other special effects like looping, instagram-like filters, cinemagraphs and more. Here's a few ways you can use GIFs for great results:

To engage with audience.
To create powerful ads.
To animate data showcase.
To show steps towards completing a task.
To offer a sneak-peak into your product collection.
To show off a product bringing its features and colours to viewers attention.

There's so much these animated GIFs can do that static images can't. Gifzign is the only software on the market that combines all the GIF functionalities you will ever need in one single interface.

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