Wednesday, March 29, 2017

BlogaShop - Profit From Your Shopify Stores And WP Blogs

BlogaShop is for a WordPress plugin which gives you access to over 66,000+ articles, categories and subcategories to inject into your Shopify Store blog or WordPress blog. This software allows you to find and create content then post it to your blog. You can use this software to create a website that ranks in google with unique content and integrates with your Shopify store.

This means you can create a fully monetized blog using other peoples content as your own. What's great as well is that the software is really easy to use and takes only a few minutes to setup. Here is exactly how BlogaShop works and how you can start profiting fast.

Grab fresh articles from our ever growing database of 66,000+ articles.
Grab royalty free images from 3 built in sources.
Grag Youtube videos with our YouTube keyword search feature.
Spin articles from inside the app.
Schedule and publish unique spun articles to WordPress and or Shopify blog.
Plus if you have your own spinner we integrate with Spinner Bros and SpinRewriter adding more as we grow.
Optimize subject lines, headlines, meta data, image data and then just schedule or publish.
Rank and sit back watching loads of new traffic hit your site and Shopify Store.
3 free workshop webinars teaching SEO and Ecommerce.
Free Shopify training course and more.

Here are my thoughts: With BlogaShop, not only can you create unique content and rank it to help your Shopify store sell more products. The software runs automatically, takes minutes to setup and can help you to drive more traffic to your shopify stores. Beyond the actual software, you will be getting indepth training for Shopify, eCommerce and SEO as well so you have all the resourced needed to start easily with this.

With BlogaShop, you get traffic that doesn’t cost a dime and takes very little time to setup and generate.

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