Friday, June 16, 2017

FlexSocial Software - Most Complete 6-In-1 Social Media Automation Suite

flexsocial software
FlexSocial Software is a powerful software that allows you to automate your daily tasks for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Now you can schedule all your social media posts in one place, get more done, save time, increase traffic, spend less time and money and gain quality time to do what you want using FlexSocial. Here’s just a few of its awesome features:
FlexSocial Software helps you manage all your Facebook Profiles, Pages, Events and Groups from one place. Helps you to schedule Facebook posts, and publish them in an easier manner while enabling you to keep your accounts active and up to date
With the unique twitter scheduler, you can quickly and easily program and publish texts, photos and links on Twitter just like your regular Twitter posts.

The Pinterest scheduling features of FlexSocial allows you to maintain both your business and personal boards up to date, and also schedule hundreds of pins, creates hundreds of boards, easily and automatically on Pinterest.

FlexSocial Software is the easiest and smartest way to schedule and post directly on Instagram (both images and videos). Other social media apps post images, which is about the highest most engaging stuff on the internet right now, but this posts videos. If you schedule posts on Instagram with Flexsocial, you can easily upload photos and videos for Instagram from your PC, desktop or any mobile device.

You only have to login on FlexSocial Software and schedule your post. We ensure that your photo and videos reaches Instagram. And if you just want to set things up and go take a walk or play video game, you could schedule your posts to auto post itself at any time you wish it to go out.

With this feature, you can easily schedule and publish posts of texts, images and links on LinkedIn.

The Tumblr app for FlexSocial Software allows you to post to your Tumblr blogs, view your blogs and the blogs you follow, share posts to your social networks and more.

Have the hundreds of social media posts you need to share got you feeling fatigued? Bulk scheduling is here to do the heavy lifting for you. Upload hundreds of posts at once in text or CSV format. Bulk Scheduling ensures your posts will go out according to your own schedule, and thus, saves you time.

Copyright free image finder, which you can then use to design your images to post to all your social networks and so much more.

Now you can send an automatic message to anyone who comments on your page or any customer who leaves a reply on your FaceBook fan pages gets an automated response. And you can add as much fanpages as you want. No limit on that. It is the only social media automation tool you'll ever need.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Your Profit Store Software - Launch Your Online Business In 60 Seconds

your profit store software
Your Profit Store Software is a fully cloud based app that allows users to instantly build high converting stores with just 1 click and sell software products, build their list and make sales in the process. Plus Your Profit Store comes built-in with some of the best selling tools already included that gets you-

Fully Cloud Based 1 Click Solution
Your Own Software Business Fully SEO Optimized
Passive Sales Generation at your Fingertips.

With Your Profit Store Software you get 4 amazing software products to sell. The site comes built-in with these products and you don't have to worry about delivering them or adding them. The site also comes built in with 4 Search engine optimization services and 4 Social Media services that you can sell.

Your Profit Store Software is a very simple and easy to use software that allow users to create a full high converting software store with just 1 click. The best part is you won't have to do any work. You will get a complete list of vendors that will do all the hard work for you. It's a very easy-to-use software that you simply need to press a button and get a fully optimized and functional software business. 

This is a completely ready to launch software for you where you don't need to hire programmers, expensive designers or any technical skills. You simply start profiting by using this software as it's a completely hassle-free software. You now have the opportunity to become lazy and make a ton of money.

It is very exciting but who is this software for? Your Profit Store is simple and easy to use software and anybody can use this software, any Internet Marketer or even if you don't have a business and are looking for a business opportunity and want easy profits and save money as well.

It is a complete business-in-a-box for you. Selling software is huge business and you can now become a software vendor by simply getting a copy of Your Profit Store Software today.

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